About Us

How It Started

Established in 2006 by Mary and Andrew Arnold, DCFD embodies a passion for craftsmanship and a deep connection to the firefighting community.

What started as a hobby for Andrew Arnold, who is a professional firefighter himself; quickly turned into a full-time business. And, obviously Mary didn't want to miss out on all the fun. Over time, we've improved our equipment and processes to speed up delivery time. It's important to us that our customers get a high-quality product without having to wait a long time to have their order in-hand.

Our Story

Between Andrew's 20+ years as a firefighter in Washington, DC, and Mary's unwavering support, they have forged a legacy of excellence in custom leather crafting.

Driven by passion, DCFD quickly became renowned for its high-quality leather gear for firefighters. However, in a challenging turn of events, Mary was diagnosed with cancer, prompting the couple to temporarily close the business as they focused on her recovery.

After five years, with Mary now cancer-free, DCFD has emerged stronger than ever. During this time, Andrew honed his craft by apprenticing with Mike Manuel of Royce Shields in a leather production factory. Armed with newfound production skills, techniques, and machinery, DCFD now has the capacity to increase orders, with faster turnaround times than ever.

DCFD remains dedicated to our mission of providing firefighters with top-quality, custom-crafted leather goods that they can wear with pride and confidence. Our journey may have been marked by challenges, but our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and serving the firefighting community remains unwavering.